What’s Your Best Advice?

Intuit was running a contest for small businesses to win a commercial spot during the Super Bowl. Having nothing to loose and everything to gain I decided to take part in the challenge. One of the questions asked was: What’s your best advice? Here is my response.

Take Risks, Dream Big, and ALWAYS be Positive!

TAKE RISKS This isn’t always easy but I have learned that one of two things will happen when you take them: You will get the outcome you wanted or you will learn a valuable lesson. Both outcomes are positive and give us the foundation we need to continue reaching our goals.

DREAM BIG I believe that dreams are the stepping stones to a happy life. They are the things that drive us to achieve.

ALWAYS BE POSITIVE This can be challenging but at the end of the day there is always something to be grateful for.

Always SMILE!!

How would you respond to the same question? And would your response apply to life as a whole or just from a business perspective. I’m curious to hear how others would respond.

Have a beautiful day! ~ Pamela

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