What do you do when Things Fall Apart?

If your world is anything like mine, you have those times when it seems that everything is falling apart.  You know those days or weeks when 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day to get done all those things on your “to do list”.  The last thing you want to hear is that things will get better….but the reality is they will if you believe in the power of positive.  I am learning that when things fall apart it is usually the beginning of something new and amazing.  Allowing things to fall apart enables us to move on to better things because we can clear the clutter of whatever has been holding us back and move forward.

2014 has reinforced that things need to fall apart sometimes to allow us to grow.  The end of 2013 felt overwhelming and I found myself second guessing many aspects of my life.  But as the new year unfolds I am so grateful for having the courage to keep reaching for my dreams.

My dream of becoming a successful Massage Therapist is truly coming true and so many amazing opportunities have been presented to me in the first couple of weeks of this incredible new year.

I have chosen to make this my year of growth and giving back.  My leap of faith will be completing intensive training in Oncology Massage.  This leap will be the beginning step to being able to provide cancer patients with peace, comfort, and the positive they need to win their battle.

What leap will you take this year to make your dreams come true?  If you have been thinking about it please share in the comments and know that you are not alone in your journey.

Have a beautiful day and a 2014 full of positives!


2 responses to “What do you do when Things Fall Apart?

  1. Paris. I want to travel to Paris in 2014 or Spring 2015( i know have to be a little more specific re: timing 🙂 Actions: pinterest. Amazing how many ideas and places to visit and can find. Plus travel tips.


  2. Love it! We should all have a destination. That destination doesn’t have to be a physical place but Paris sounds like a mighty fine one. I know you will get there…believe 🙂


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