A SMILE can make your day better

Have you ever noticed someone smiling and wondered why?  Was it a thought or memory, or maybe a familiar scent?  Could it be that they are just happy with life at that very moment?

Take a moment and jot down three things that make you smile.  They can be simple, silly or complex but think of three things and write them down.  Fold that piece of paper up and tuck it in your wallet.

Three things that make me smile are:

1.  Seeing my Gram’s face light up when I walk through the door.

2.  The sunshine on my face.

3.  Receiving a random message from a friend just because they were thinking of me.

We all have things and people in our life that make us smile.  Seeking these things out can make us happier AND healthier.  Smiling forces the negative out and makes room for positive.  By relaxing the mind and body, smiling can help boost the immune system.  Smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin which all make us feel good.

That piece of paper that you folded and put in your wallet…when you are having a difficult day take out that piece of paper and give yourself a smile.

The most important thing about smiles:  They are good contagious and should be shared with the world often.     Have a beautiful day and SMILE!!

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