Massage Therapy and a Cancer Diagnosis

The word cancer can stir a multitude of emotions for the person diagnosed and their loved ones. Fear of the unknown and anxiety about treatment; treatment options among other things can take its toll on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all those impacted. Many people living with cancer wear a brave face for their family and loved ones while they struggle through uncertainty and treatment.

Massage Therapy is a complimentary treatment that can help relieve the anxiety and stress of diagnosis. Additional benefits include easing pain, improved sleep, easing fatigue, and assisting in controlling nausea. Oncology Massage is a gentle touch massage tailored to each individual client. Massage provides a time to relax and feel the emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.

As a Massage Therapist it is my opinion that the two biggest benefits to Oncology Massage are allowing time for gentle therapy and making the body feel whole again. It is so important to release feelings that are kept behind that brave face because it allows the body more strength to heal. Seeing that you are a whole and beautiful individual can provide renewed strength and vitality.

My inspiration for training in Oncology Massage comes from the heart. I have seen the effects of cancer on loved ones, including the “brave face”. While in school to become an LMT my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the feelings of being helpless to provide her relief could be overwhelming at times. I look back now as I remember how beautiful she was throughout her life and I see that she gave me the inspiration I needed to follow this path.

If you or someone you love is living with cancer consider adding Massage Therapy to your treatment plan. For more information or to share your story please contact me.

Have a beautiful day! ~ Pamela

One response to “Massage Therapy and a Cancer Diagnosis

  1. As a fellow Oncology Massage Therapist, I agree wholeheartedly! Becoming involved with this work has given such meaning to my work and I love every minute of it. It certainly has it’s challenges occasionally but I love the work and my clients!!


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