Celebrating Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us and for some it’s a day we wish we could spend with our Mom. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my Mom and wish that I could have just one more day, hour, or hug.  

We often don’t realize just how much a Mother’s love provides for us.  Her unconditional love gives us the strength to accomplish our goals, fullfill our dreams, and be the people we are today.  Moms pick us up when we fall and wipe the tears away when our hearts are hurt.  They are truly special people.

I have many memories of my Mother but today the one that comes to mind is the look of pride on her face when I graduated Massage Therapy school.  She wasn’t crazy about the idea of my mid-life career change…come to think of it she hated the idea.  I remember her asking me “What are you thinking? A Massage Therapist?”  She didn’t understand why I would want to leave my high paying desk job to “rub oil on people”.  Makes me laugh now but at the time it made me mad that she couldn’t seem to understand my need to help people feel better.  When I looked out into the crowd on graduation day I saw my Mom cry tears of pride when she realized all that I had accomplished.  It is a moment I will never forget and it warmed my heart.  She had been living with Pancreatic Cancer for some time and little did I know that day that she would be leaving soon.  I now know that it took all the energy she had to be at that ceremony.  Weak from treatments and struggling to be healthy she still found the energy to support me and continue to love me unconditionally.  

If you are blessed to have a beautiful Mom find the time to spend with her on Mother’s Day.  Even if she is miles away, pick up the phone and tell her you love her.  There will come a time when you will be happy you did.

I celebrate the beautiful woman that my Mother was every day.  She looks back at me when I look in the mirror and I am truly grateful to have had such an amazing person to call Mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day! Make it one to remember.


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