The Courage to Leap






Have you ever felt like your feet were hanging off the edge of a cliff? You can feel the desire…no the need…to take that leap but “fear of the unknown” is holding you in place.  Life begins to feel chaotic and you can feel things falling apart.  The feeling of being pulled in too many directions and knowing that all things are being compromised as a result is an overwhelming feeling. 

This has been my world for the past few weeks. Holding onto fear and obligation to others rather than letting go and having faith that everything will be alright has been overwhelming lately. I think to myself…you have been here before and look at the amazing journey you have been on as a result of taking that leap 4 years ago.

How do we find the courage to “make the jump”?  I am finding, once again, that it takes digging deep and asking myself “What is going to make YOU happy”.  Being an extreme people pleaser is not always easy to overcome.  We loose faith sometimes and the key is to find it again and love yourself enough to make the hard choices that allow you move forward, even if it means disappointing others in the process.  The Universe will provide if you allow it and ask for it.

I know that the leap is going to happen and the end result with be AMAZING!  What is holding you back from following your dreams, your passion, your true path?  In the week ahead prepare to take an amazing leap of faith and know that you will not be alone…I will be there too, making that jump with my eyes wide open, we will land on our feet and begin yet another amazing journey in this beautiful life that we have.

Have a beautiful day!  ~Pamela






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