Sunday Gone Wrong is Really a Gift in Disguise

Sunday has become my new favorite day of the week.  It’s the one day I have dedicated to ME and it’s beginning to feel comfortable.  For the past four years I have worked weekends at the bar: Saturday night shift until 4am and a variety of Sunday shifts from going in at 6pm or 8pm or working a double beginning at 3pm.  This schedule was leaving little or no time for me to enjoy my amazing friends and family so I decided to make a change in 2015 and take back my Sundays!

So far Sundays have been all that I expected.  I have been able to say YES to brunch and lazy girl movie day, and have even enjoyed using that thing called a kitchen for more than just making coffee in the morning or reheating take-out from the day before!

This Sunday began like the past three.  Slept in a little bit and then off to meet one of my girls for brunch and catch up time.  We spent hours chatting and laughing without worrying about what time it was or being anywhere.  We parted ways about 3pm and it was off to the market to get some good things to cook up for the week….and then began the Sunday Gone Wrong!

I decided to go to a different market this week just to change it up and was very disappointed to find the first three items on my list were out of stock 😦  I shrugged it off and decided it was a good day for a drive to visit a market I rarely go to.  Excited rather than disappointed – because it was Lazy Girl Sunday – I left the store and headed to the car: Here’s where it really begins.  My car won’t start.  The radio, Bluetooth, lights, and gauges all work but nothing when you turn the key.  Ok, so it’s not the end of the world, make a couple calls and Little Brother is on his way to rescue me!  Nothing is ever that simple in my world and long story short the car is now on a flatbed – 2 hours later – on it’s way to the shop to be looked at tomorrow.  Dad is now my rescue ride and we are all frozen.

My initial reaction is anger that my two year old JEEP is failing me and that I have now inconvenienced my family on their day off.  I just want to cry at this point especially if another guy looks at me and says “Now did you leave the lights on?”  with that ‘oh little blonde, not so bright girl’ face…Ladies you know what I mean.  But I kind of bite my tongue (those who know me know I had a comment for every one of those guys with the face) and took it in stride.

I got home after resorting to shopping at what we in Albany refer to as “The Ghetto Chopper” still sad and wanting to ball my eyes out only to realize the gift of today:  I got to spend time with people who truly matter to me and love me as much as I love them!   Brunch with a dear friend, time spent with my brother and his beautiful children, and precious time with my Dad all to myself.  I am so blessed to have these amazing people to share life’s journey with!

Today’s Lesson:  It’s not about location or circumstance, it’s about seeing the beauty in spending time with loved ones and feeling so loved by those around you that your heart is warm and full.

Have a “life lesson” story to share?  Leave it in the comments section…because we are all human 🙂

Be well & happy!


2 responses to “Sunday Gone Wrong is Really a Gift in Disguise

  1. what a day you had!! I had something similar: last Thursday when it was -5 overnight, my car started but check engine light came on.. which could mean many things. afterwork, took it to the shop, and left it for when they could get to it. (ended up they were done with it in less than 4 hours on Friday) I had already rented a car figuring it may take them a while–“betsy” is 13 yrs old). The car rental and I had such a fun this weekend- Roadtrip to RI ! I am thankful for the situation, that my car is fixed, that I was able to visit a museum I’ve been wanting to for the longest, that I am able to pay for the repairs and rent a car without without financial stress (thank you Dave Ramsey emergency fund); and that I was able to run errands yesterday so quickly! These new 2015 cars are pretty zippy! You know how everything comes full circle- sort of. Back in 2003, Had a similar situation with my minivan.. but need financial rental car w/ help of my dad. The rental car I used, I enjoyed very much(what a difference a car that works makes) and with a new career- I was able to purchase the same make and model. It was sort of a long Test Drive. And wouldn’t you know– this past weekend- I considered it a Test drive too! 🙂 Life is good 🙂


    • Great way to make someting so positive! I remember that minivan and the day you got your new car! Hard to believe it has been over ten years already. You are AMAZING and I love to hear about your adventures. Keep loving and living life to the fullest my dearest friend.

      And yes…LIFE IS GOOD!! 😉


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