About Me

Pamela’s Positives was inspired by a customer who said he comes to see me when he needs a little “positive”.  I had often received comments from people that they liked the positive things I posted on Facebook because it made thier day a little brighter.  Writing a blog was intimidating at first because I didn’t really understand what a blog was. Once I got started the ideas began to flow and before I knew it Pamela’s Positives became a reality.  I’m still a beginner and learning more about this process each day but I hope that you find my posts interesting and inspiring.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Bartender in Albany, NY.  After working for many years for a global corporation I realized that I was unhappy and unhealthy.  This realization inspired me to make major changes in my life which resulted in becoming a bartender and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I had always been a part-time bartender because it was a fun job that I enjoyed and I made good money so why not do what you love…right?  When I decided to leave my job I was in school for massage therapy and realized that life is too short to spend in a negative environment.  

Today I am truly grateful that I made that decision.  Shortly after leaving my job my mother shared her cancer diagnosis with us.  This was devastating because she was the glue that held all of us together and now she was living with pancreatic cancer and we knew the outcome would not be good.  My new job gave me the flexibility to spend quality time with my Mom during her last days and for that I am so grateful and blessed.  Having a flexible schedule now gives me the time to spend with her Mother who is a beautiful 94 years young and relys on me for many things.  Yet another blessing, being able to spend time with a grandparent and create memories to charish. 

My parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams and that is yet another thing to be truly grateful for.  Both Mom and Dad have been such an inspiration to me through the years.  If I had one thing to say to people it would be “Follow your dreams and always believe in yourself because YOU ARE AMAZING!

Thank you for following my blog.

Have a beautiful day! ~Pamela



2 responses to “About Me

  1. Interesting content you post on your blog, i have shared this
    post on my twitter

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  2. Thank you for sharing on Twitter and providing motivation to keep going. I appreciate the support and am happy to hear you find my content interesting.


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