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A Lesson in Patience

A Lesson in Patience

Patience is a continual teacher and we are her students. We learn patience for many things in our lives and then we are given another lesson to learn. When we think we have passed all the tests that patience has to give us there is yet another chapter added to the lesson book.

A recent experience has shown me that patience is similar to rainstorms in the Summer. One day we may be overflowing with it and the next it is no where to be found. I am grateful for the experiences that allow me to continue to learn and grow. Seeing in others the very things that we don’t like in ourselves is a powerful thing. Tolerance of others in these situations is life changing.

What have I learned in the past week? Oh so much!! I learned that I am so grateful for how my parents raised me. They gave me the space I have always needed to learn and grow, even when some of those lessons were difficult and would hurt me. I learned to value my alone time as it brings me balance and great joy. My alone time is invaluable because it allows me to sit with myself and grow or let go of what is necessary. I learned that sometimes you just have to open your mouth and speak your mind or else others will walk all over you. This is not always easy, but with practice it allows peace within the mind. The most important thing I have learned is to appreciate each quiet moment so that I have a place to go when surrounded by chaos. I am a bright light surrounded by light rather than darkness and these quiet moments allow me to keep the dark and negative out of my space.

Practice patience each day and you will find the calm place within when everything around you is not.

BE POSITIVE and Have a Beautiful Day!!  ~Pamela

Stepping Out of THE COMFORT ZONE

I follow Jeff Moore on Facebook and today he posted a great picture about getting out of “The Comfort Zone”.  It really made me take a look at myself and realize that lately I have been joining the 2% of people who are living outside of their comfort zone.  It’s a rewarding place to step into.

Taking risks isn’t easy and often we stay in familiar territory out of fear.  Fear of failure, rejection, judgement are all things that make us uncomfortable.  Funny thing is when we take the risk the reward greatly outweighs the fear once we get through it.  The hardest part sometimes is thinking that we are taking that risk alone.  Funny thing happens when you get out there…YOU ARE NOT ALONE there is always someone who will take your hand and walk with you.  

Five years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue a dream.  People didn’t understand why I wanted to become a Massage Therapist when I had a “great” job that paid me extremely well and provided benefits.  I didn’t really have an answer but I knew that I wasn’t happy and needed to make a change.  That risk paid off and allowed me to keep moving further out of that comfort zone.  

I am now seeing that taking the risk to fail or be rejected makes me a stronger person and that most of the time that step becomes a success.  I am beginning to live my life on my own terms more and more.  This is an incredible place to be!

I have a long way to go but am determined to keep STEPPING OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE.  I encourage you to take that journey with me and make that 2% become those who are staying comfortable.  See yourself living the life you always dreamed of rather than the one society boxed you into. 

You ARE amazing…always remember that!

Have a beautiful “out of the zone” day!  ~Pamela



Fill Your Well

We don’t always notice how much we internalize over the course of a year.  All those little things that we experience and never realize that they are trapped somewhere inside our mind and impacting our physical and spiritual being.  Over the course of three years I have chosen to “Fill the Well” by going to Costa Rica and becoming submersed in nature and a simpler lifestyle.  While I realize that this may not be an option for everyone, the point of my story is to find time to be with yourself in nature.

Three years ago I hesitantly booked a trip to Costa Rica last minute with friends.  I thought that it would be a once in a lifetime trip and decided to go enjoy ten days in a beautiful country.  Much to my surprise I fell in love with the Nicoya Peninsula the moment my feet hit the ground at the little airport in Tambor.  The energy of this place embraced me in a way that I had never experienced and made me feel so alive and even more positive than usual.  I call this overwhelming positive energy a “Life Grab”.  A Life Grab is something that sticks with you in such a positive way that you can’t turn it off ~ kind of like getting a song stuck in your head.

I make this journey with myself every year now and use the time to recharge my battery and ground.  For me, spending time on quiet beaches, hiking in the jungle, or just relaxing in a hammock are amazing tools to let go of the things that hold you down and provide clear focus for the coming year.  I find that journaling becomes much more fluid and positive in this environment which is very healing to the mind and soul.

I encourage you to find that place which allows you to recharge and in essence “Fill Your Well” with positive energy.  This is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and those around you.  It doesn’t have to be an exotic location, it can easily be found in the peace of your own backyard or a nature trail in your area.  Take the time to be with yourself and nature…you’ll be happy you did 🙂

Have a beautiful day!  ~Pamela