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A Spiritual Birthday Gift



A Spiritual Birthday Gift

Butterflies have always been magical to me because they are so free and beautiful. In 2012 my Mom told me: “Promise me something, that you will go to Costa Rica next year for me. I will not be here but I will send all the butterflies and tell them to visit my beautiful girl so that you know I am with you.” She kept that promise and on my last day of vacation I was greeted by an amazing, deep yellow butterfly. I knew immediately that it was her and she brought such a variety of friends with her. It is a memory I cherish every day that allowed me to truly grieve for her and let go.

This November visit was extra special and reinforced my Mom’s presence is with me all the time. My birthday is in November and my Mom always made it so special. I miss getting a card from her the week before my birthday and her insisting that we have cake and ice cream to celebrate. Two things that I took for granted when she was here and now I would give anything to have. But today, as I sit eating breakfast in Costa Rica, there are many butterflies fluttering about. I am taken by their grace and beauty as my heart fills with love from my Mom. I look down to see a beautiful orange butterfly struggling to fly and realize that it has a broken wing. I reach down to pick her up so she is out of foot traffic and she eagerly climbs onto my hand. What an amazing feeling to be able to hold one of these magical beings! She spent an hour with me while I ate my breakfast and checked my messages – a birthday gift from my Mom. As I was leaving The Bakery I tried to place her safely in the flowers but she clung to my finger. Finally she moved to the flower and I said goodbye, my heart filled with love and joy from the experience.

What an amazing experience to feel the love of a tiny little being. My day was extra beautiful from that moment on and I am so grateful to now have that memory. I am also grateful to have that feeling of my Mom joining me for a part of my day in a way that I could touch and feel.

When we truly believe in the power of positive, beautiful things happen. Always believe in the greater good of the world and you will experience pure, honest love in places you would never expect.

Thank you Mom for being present in spirit and in a form that I could touch. It means more than anyone could ever know.

Have a Beautiful Day!! ~Pamela

A Walk through the Jungle

The Curu National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my travels.  It is located on the Nicoya Peninsula just Northeast of Tambor.   Entering the refuge I am greeted by a friendly soul at the main gate who provides me with a map of the many trails.  I, of course, decide to take Quesera Trail which is  the largest and most difficult trail on the map.  Approximate time to complete is 4 hours depending on how much time you choose to spend on Quesera beach – it took me just over 5.

As I begin my journey I am greeted by a Coati who is watching me climb the first of many rocky hills.  He sits in the tree making a lot of noise and stays just long enough for me to take a picture before he heads for the deeper forest with his friends.


As I start along the trail again the most beautiful thing begins to happen…the mariposa begin to greet me.  One by one they arrive sporting the most brilliant colors ever.  Red and black, greens, the brightest yellow…and finally the magnificent Blue Morpho pair arrive.  They sit an arms length from me just resting and teasing my camera lens as I wait for that shot…which doesn’t happen.  At that moment I realize that it’s not about capturing a memory to hold onto but allowing the moment to become a memory.  I will never forget my experience with the pair of Blue Morpho Mariposa’s that day.


As my journey continued I was led through the jungle by a brilliant yellow butterfly that day.  I saw breathtaking landscapes, crazy monkeys, beautiful birds, an iguana, and even a mother deer and her fawn.

I realized that day that the moments that I spend in nature are some of the most spiritual times.  Its those times that I can feel my Mom walking beside me and it warms my heart.