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Dream Big

I am a dreamer of BIG dreams.  Believing that you can make your dreams come true is the first step and the easiest.  The journey is the hard part and often one that is misunderstood by those who think dreams only occur when we sleep.

Dreams can be as unrealistic as you choose and believe me, I have some crazy ones.  Within each crazy dream, however, there is a kernel of possibility.  A spark that could ignite change, bring joy and become a reality.  Dreams are meant to be embraced rather than feared, although a small amount of fear is needed for success.

Can one person change the world?  No, that is far from reality.  Can one person change the life of another?  That my friend is where the dreamers come in.  By seeing things in a positive light and taking the chance to make a dream come true, you could potentially make a positive impact on the life of another human being.  Imagine if each one of us followed a small dream or simply supported another person’s dream. Maybe together we would change the world and make it a better place.

What are your big dreams and how would they positively impact the life of yourself and at least one more person?  What holds you back from pursuing your dreams?  I would love to hear from all the dreamers out there.

Happy Sunday!

Be Well and Beautiful!