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Stepping Out of THE COMFORT ZONE

I follow Jeff Moore on Facebook and today he posted a great picture about getting out of “The Comfort Zone”.  It really made me take a look at myself and realize that lately I have been joining the 2% of people who are living outside of their comfort zone.  It’s a rewarding place to step into.

Taking risks isn’t easy and often we stay in familiar territory out of fear.  Fear of failure, rejection, judgement are all things that make us uncomfortable.  Funny thing is when we take the risk the reward greatly outweighs the fear once we get through it.  The hardest part sometimes is thinking that we are taking that risk alone.  Funny thing happens when you get out there…YOU ARE NOT ALONE there is always someone who will take your hand and walk with you.  

Five years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue a dream.  People didn’t understand why I wanted to become a Massage Therapist when I had a “great” job that paid me extremely well and provided benefits.  I didn’t really have an answer but I knew that I wasn’t happy and needed to make a change.  That risk paid off and allowed me to keep moving further out of that comfort zone.  

I am now seeing that taking the risk to fail or be rejected makes me a stronger person and that most of the time that step becomes a success.  I am beginning to live my life on my own terms more and more.  This is an incredible place to be!

I have a long way to go but am determined to keep STEPPING OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE.  I encourage you to take that journey with me and make that 2% become those who are staying comfortable.  See yourself living the life you always dreamed of rather than the one society boxed you into. 

You ARE amazing…always remember that!

Have a beautiful “out of the zone” day!  ~Pamela



Letting Go of Fear

Amazing things happen when we let go of fear and embrace love.  I have watched Jim Carey’s Commencement Speech at MUM several times now and each time I am inspired a little more to let go of the fear that holds me back.  This should be a staple at all graduations, moving up days, and any gathering of young minds.  We learn fear at a very young age and it sticks with us through life unless we find the courage to break free and take risks.

It is so important to encourage our children to live in love rather than fear.  Often we impose our own ideas of “success” on others not realizing that our definition of success may be very different.  We do this with good intention but it creates that fear of making a different choice because it may disappoint those close to us.  

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?  

When I let go of fear I will:

  • Become the person I have always wanted to be but was too afraid to be.  
  • I will open doors rather than hide behind them worrying about what may be on the other side.  
  • I will open my heart to love and begin by loving myself.  
  • I will take the risks that are put on my path with enthusiasm and embrace the outcomes. 
  • I will go skydiving and learn how to dance.

What will you do when you let go of fear and embrace love?  Please share your list….sometimes writing it down and seeing it in black and white can help to achieve it.

Have a beautiful day!  ~Pamela